an artist you should know: Matthew Gray Gubler

Holy shit I forgot about artists you should know. My plan was to post a piece on an artist I appreciate after every five posts about me. That quickly fell apart, and I realize now I've gone ten posts without talking about someone other than myself. So I'm going to post two consecutive pieces on artists you should know.

So today we're talking about Matthew Gray Gubler. You might know him from CBS's Criminal Minds, which I will only watch to look at him,and he was also, at one time, a fashion model. His name is also really fun to say.


So naturally I have a bit of a crush on him, because I apparently have a thing for deranged people.

Here are some of the things from his website. The top tow pictures show some rather imaginative finger puppets. I think the purple one is a louse? And then there's an explanation of Gublerland's top hat foundry. I took screenshots of these because I guess I'm not
technically supposed to copy/paste images of his stuff. SORRY GOOBS. But it's just too amazing to pass up.

To get more of your Gubler on, you can also check out his Tumblog and his YouGubeTube channel, if you'd like to see footage of him singing karaoke while dressed like a turtle.