I really like Kidrobot. They are, I know, a complete waste of money in reality, and do nothing but add to the clutter on my top shelf. But I love them. I love that they send me free keychains with my order and I love the anticipation of a blind box purchase.

So here are some of the do-it-yourself models they offer. The one on the left is a Rooz model, and is some kind of mystical forest spirit. The one on the right is a Trikky model, and is an intergalactic graffiti artist. They go very nicely together, and I like to think they have many adventures. I determined their personae by the accessories they came with--a stick (Rooz, seen here), and a spray paint can mounted on a stick (Trikky, not shown because it gets in the way of its face).

Everything done with markers, Munnyworld, Prismacolor, and Sakura Microns. Figures are vinyl.