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Let me tell you about my camera. It's a good camera, and can do a lot of cool things, including taking large, hi-res pictures that are freaking awesome. My mom bought me the camera, and I'm eternally grateful.

But my camera is also a total bitch, and its screen likes to freak out for periods of time, allowing me to see nothing but a flat gray* space with a lighter gray vertical bar running through it. While this is happening, however, the camera still captures images. I just can't see them.

This was happening when I took this picture of this image, which I sent to the ever-fabulous Lolita Agogo, who was kind enough to send me some of her business cards. Now that she's received it, I can post it to teh Interwebz without ruining any surprises.

So here's a charming skullhead!

*To me, "gray" and "grey" are two different colors. Gray-with-an-a is a cooler gray, with blue or purple undertones, like the grays seen in this image. Grey-with-an-e, on the other hand, is a warmer color, with yellow or brown undertones. Why? I couldn't tell you.