and now back to our regularly scheduled programming


Now that I've ranted sufficiently, we can get back to our normal routine. You know, the one where I disappear for a while and then resurface with new work. Like I said, I normally try not to get emotionally invested in political (or pseudo-political, as the case may be) stuff, but certain things just get me...oooh.

Anyway, I got a commissioned illustration job for Circle of Grace, a spiritual group who was holding a lecture series on emotional dependence. The subject matter was all about learning to become more of an emotionally healthy individual, and the illustrations all centered on various concepts within that theme.

All of these are watercolor, pencil, ink and gouache on Arches paper (which is the best paper ever, if also the most expensive). As you can see, I used lots of patterns and chubby birds in these images, and I also experimented with (rudimentary) fractals, which was fun.

There are about 30 of these illustrations in total, and they were hard work. I stayed up past 4 am for these and watched 3 complete DVDs of the Daria complete series to keep myself awake.

I'm also working, when I can, on oil paintings and hopefully I'll be able to post them soon.

And no more socio-political rants, I promise.