skullhead matryoshkas: a reason to squee

These make me squee a little every time I see them. Which is quite frequent, as they currently live on the dining room table, waiting for a protective coat of polyurethane.

I purchased a set of plain wood matryoshka dolls through Amazon. They were, on the whole, more expensive than I thought and so my collection of these will have to grow slowly. These here cost about $16 plus the shipping. I primed them with white latex paint and painted them with acrylics. The black paint, however, is Rustoleum, and the white is latex house paint. They were somewhat difficult to work with, being round, and the little one, which stands less than an inch high, was particularly irritating. But in all I can't complain. I especially like the way their little skeleton hands came out.

And yes, the one second from the left, in the purple kerchief, has a Hidan face. I kind of couldn't resist.

So here they are in all their squee-inducing glory, and I'd like to do some more of these in the future.

If you're looking for some pre-painted matryoshkas, Matryoshka Madness on Amazon has quite a collection.