bathtime derangement

I seriously have to stop making these. I have a whole list of actual paintings to do, and I'm doing these, usually while watching episodes of Intervention or L.A. Ink on YouTube. Which is, I know, really, really lame of me. People seem to like my little stuff, though, which is both nice and frustrating. I can spend a month on a large oil painting and about twenty minutes on a small drawing, and everyone goes ape over the small drawing, which usually segues into a conversation about why I don't I make comics/cartoons/graphic novels.

People suck like that.

Anyway, here are some more creepy water media things, both having a bathing theme. First is a rather ominous bath. That's me in there. I don't like baths. I always feel the need to take a shower afterward, to wash off all the dirty water and soap residue, which doesn't make sense when you can just take a shower. But if I took baths I feel like I would be ominous about it, so there we are.

The second is darling Beast Boy again, here shown having bathed and looking all fishy. We had a roommate once who introduced us to the joys of drinking beer in the shower. It's, like, the best thing ever. I highly recommend it to any and all people who are physically and/or legally capable of drinking beer. It's very relaxing. I messed up the label, but he's drinking Lagunitas IPA. On realizing my mistake, I immediately went out and bought a six-pack of it so I would be sure to remember the label correctly for any future artistic endeavors. Oh, and his tattoo is an onion with knives.