you shouldn't watch Labyrinth when you're delirious with fever...or should you?

Earlier this week I got sick. I don't get sick very often, but when I do, it's awful and I'm pretty much unconscious for the entire day. To amuse myself during the time I was conscious, I watched Labyrinth, in all its 80s Bowie glory (hispantsaresotightjesuschrist).

Here's what happened. This, and the uncontrollable urge to tell my boyfriend that he reminded me of the babe.

I actually have several more of these waiting to be finished, one of which does bear a resemblance to Bowie's wig in the movie. Since I was not physically up for anything that involved making and cleaning up a giant mess, I broke out my ancient set of watercolor pencils and made these. They have plenty of traditional watercolor, ink and gouache in them as well, all on 5 x 7 inch recycled paper.

All the ones with the long black hair are essentially self-portraits. (That would be the top five.) The one with the teeth is what happens when I have too much sugar. I also really started liking these teeth--they're really fun to paint.

The male figure with the bones in his hair is my boyfriend. It's only slightly interpretive, and he really does own a brown fur blanket.

He's great.

Below him are two more traditional goblin-types, one of whom has been punched in the mouth and now resembles Mick Jagger. The other one kind of looks like my dad. Some of the unfinished ones fall into this type as well, and I'm very pleased with them.

In other news, I also watched Mulholland Dr. while sick, and have determined that it and Labyrinth are actually really similar movies (down to their manic Davids), and have been constructing a critical essay in my head about that for the past few days. Because that's what I do for fun.