more watercolors...

I feel not-quite-great about uploading all these older, smaller works. I want to show off some more awesome large oils, but I've been rather remiss about, um, actually doing the awesome large oil paintings. For one thing, it's been really damp here--the remnants of a tropical storm moving up the coast--and nothing, NOTHING, is drying. There's only so much underpainting one can do. Plus, the basement is dank and unappealing in weather like this.

So here are some watercolors I did a while back. They are all portraits of the same person, taken from memory. Top to bottom: Shiva Reclining, Sugarbear and Spiderverse. All are watercolor, ink and gouache, and the top one has collage elements, taken from magazines. The top and bottom pieces are kind of companions--both are mounted (hastily) on black cardboard and are the same size. Sugarbear is my favorite for mushy reasons; our dear subject walked into our bedroom one afternoon and greeted me in such a manner. The others were more experimental in terms of concept and material, and I'm pleased enough with how they came out.

These were kind of done in a spur-of-the-moment fashion, so I'm afraid there is very little concept or backstory to explain in these, other than that they are visual celebrations of someone very special to me. I tend to be less careful, in a way, when it comes to water media, basically because I can afford it. Oil paints and products are, let's face it, really freaking expensive.

I was thinking of collecting all the small works I've done over the years into some kind of book or something, since right now they're all floating around my room in and subject to violent death and demise and that would really be a shame.

More oils soon. Really.